November 16, 2009

Sunday Stroll

Hubby and I have started a little tradition. How many times do you need to do something before you can call it a tradition? Well, we've done it twice...and I'm calling it a tradition. We're early risers on the weekend so for the past two Sunday mornings we've gone on an adventure. As soon as the sun starts peeking over the mountain, we throw on our clothes, tame our bedhead a tad, and drive down to the local gas station for a cup of coffee. From there we head to a nearby location and explore (with camera in hand, of course). It was foggy yesterday morning and the drive was peaceful and beautiful. The car ride gives us a chance to catch up and talk about the upcoming week. I think I do most of the talking :: hubby is a man of few words, but there's no distractions or responsibilities to tend to during these moments so it's extra-special time that I cherish.
This particular town had some interesting buildings, a train station, and a walking path along the canal. The coffee house is called Beans in the Belfry :: cute.
We were too early for breakfast at the corner diner...maybe next time.
The neighborhood streets were steep and hilly so we got our hearts pumping and maybe even burned a few calories.
Hubby noticed these lanterns on the police station. I thought they were neat. I just love old towns, don't you?
I adore the color scheme on this building :: pumpkin orange, olive green and cream. It's perpetual fall.
There were repairs to be made:
and some tender loving care was happening at the church.
We headed down to the canal where the train station was located.
The cars were full of coal, which started a conversation about electricity and power plants. Hubby's very smart (have I told you that before?) and he loves the topic. I learned quite a few things about power sources and grids...things I never really paid much attention to for the first forty-five years of my life.
Here's the path. We walked twenty minutes out and twenty minutes back.
It was a good morning. I'm happy we started this new tradition.


  1. Love your blog. Come by for a visit sometime:

  2. my! it looks so lovely there! you live there?? super magical. i do love old towns! xo m

  3. you take some beautiful pictures! i love them, and am jealous that you have a great camera to take them on! :]

  4. Erin~ I use an old Sony Cybershot. It's nothing fancy but it does take nice photos. Short of adjusting the zoom, I really just point and click. Keep looking for and capturing the beauty in your life, no matter what kind of camera you have :)


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