November 17, 2009

Last Friday's Thrifting Adventure...Part 2

My heart skipped a beat when I spotted this box in the thrift shop. Doesn't it just scream vintage? The packaging is as wonderful as what's inside. Two "clever little vases that hold a corsage of flowers at the base of the candle". How fun is that? You slip the vase onto the candle and fill it with water. Then, load it up with beautiful flowers and you have instant sunshine on your table. I just had to do a little demo for you, so I grabbed my garden scissors and scoured the yard for anything that still had some life. I was quite surprised at the variety of color that's lingering. Small snips are all you need. Just enough to slip down into the water. The fall candle holder consists of Blanket Flower, Sedum, plumes from our ornamental grass, and some colorful leaves from one of the bushes. Perfect for a Thanksgiving table, don't you think? And here's the assortment of spring/summer flowers that were still holding on: There's Yarrow leaves, yellow and red Knockout roses, purple Geranium, Dianthus, Carnations, and a splash of lavender.
These little candle vases might just be one of my favorite thrift finds yet.
Except, maybe, for these Fire King Jadite bowls. I've been wanting some Jadite for a long, long time.