October 4, 2009

From Orchard to Applesauce

We picked apples yesterday. It wouldn't seem like fall without freshly picked apples. I chose this orchard because they practice Integrated Pest Management. My first choice would be organic, but that wasn't an option for apple picking in my area. It turned out to be a warm day, and the sky was brilliant blue. There were some friendly little creatures enjoying the sunshine and they didn't seem to mind us one bit. In addition to apples, this orchard had an enormous plot of broccoli just waiting to be picked. Do you see it in the distance? These beautiful blossoms were on the Magnolia Gold apple trees. It was slim pickings for these but we managed to take a few home. They are sweet, all-purpose apples. The leaves are just beginning to turn in our area. You have to really look to find a little color, but we walked right past this leaf that was just as beautiful as can be and screaming to be photographed. In addition to Magnolia Gold apples, we picked Ida Red (tart for cooking) and Mutsu (sweet, all-purpose).
This morning some of the Ida Red are being turned into applesauce.
It's a super easy recipe that we've been making for years.
:: Six to eight tart apples ::
:: about 1/2 cup organic apple juice concentrate (no sugar added) ::
:: 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon ::
Throw everything in the crockpot and cook on high for three hours. See how easy that was? And the best part is the house will soon be smelling like fall. I love fall.

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  1. Lucky you with apple orchards nearby. Not a southern thing. My favorite sauce is made from Macs and/or Cortlands. I do the same as you, no added sugar. On top of the stove it's ready in about 15 minutes.


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