August 28, 2009

Would You Mind A Little Bathroom Talk?

I'll try to keep it pretty. This is the worst part, I promise:
Try as I might, I haven't mastered the art of healthy, efficient cleaning. I've read lots of books and tried different homemade concoctions, but in the end, I keep reaching for my not-so-healthy products to get the job done. Yesterday, I borrowed Green Housekeeping, by Ellen Sandbeck, from the library. The chapter on bathrooms is quite good and today I'm trying out some of her tips. These are the products I used to clean my bathroom. One spray bottle filled with vinegar (grain based) and one big bottle of vinegar to refill the spray bottle if needed. That's it.
One spray bottle. One spray bottle. Really. One spray bottle. If the results are favorable, this will really simplify my life. It's not rocket science, and people have been using vinegar for years, but Ellen does a great job explaining in detail how to deep clean your space so that future weekly cleaning becomes super quick and efficient. She even goes so far as to suggest a step-by-step process that, done weekly, will take only three minutes (for toilet, sinks and floor). So, for starters, the toilet was cleaned with vinegar inside and out. I feel pretty confident that it's "healthy clean".
Except for some mineral buildup on the faucet, the sink is sparkling.
And I'm trying her advice for taking care of mineral buildup. Vinegar again. I'll check back in a few hours to see if it did the trick.
The tub? Vinegar.
Can you guess how the mirrors were cleaned? Yup. Vinegar.
The only thing I've yet to tackle is the shower stall, but it's Friday night and a girl needs to have a little fun on a Friday night. I'm going to continue reading this book and experimenting in my home. I'm excited at the prospect of paring my cleaning arsenal down to just a few natural ingredients that really do the job. I'll keep you posted on my progress and if you have any tricks up your sleeve I'd sure love to hear about them.

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