August 27, 2009

Still Going Strong

About this time of year, my excitement for gardening begins to fade. The planting, watering, deadheading and weeding begins to feel like a chore. I start getting antsy to rip things out, neaten up the beds, put on a pot of stew, start up the fireplace and immerse myself in knitting and sewing. That's how I felt this morning as I dragged out the hose to water once again. And then I noticed how pretty the zinnia looked in the early morning sun so I grabbed my camera to capture their beauty. And the hibiscus? Well they were just screaming, "look how pretty I am". Before I knew it I was running through the yard snapping photos of beautiful little flowers that are persevering through the dry, hot days of August. So, I reframed my thinking. I'm not going to wish away the summer. I'm going to enjoy every last beautiful bloom.