August 6, 2009

Invasion of the Sweet Potato Vine

We tried the Sweet Potato Vine in containers for the first time last year. They were fast growers, they lasted the entire summer into fall, and they were strikingly beautiful in color. So, we did it again this year. The combination of Coleus and Sweet Potato Vine worked out nicely (happy accident) and was a great addition to our patio to help soften the area surrounding the grill. Because we were so happy with the results, we scattered some more here and there throughout the yard. This started out as a large variety pot with a tiny Sweet Potato Vine:
and now it appears to be a huge Sweet Potato Vine in a tiny little pot. The vine has nestled itself amongst the surrounding plants........
and is growing up the side of the house.
We now consider the Sweet Potato Vine to be a staple in our garden. Instead of purchasing more next year, I think I'll try storing the tubers or taking some cuttings and reusing what we have. There's some great information about doing just that on Mr. Brown Thumb's blog. If you're a novice gardener and you'd like something that gives huge results for very little effort, the Sweet Potato Vine would definitely fit the bill.