July 31, 2009

Keeping It Real

Off and on, I'll see a post on someone else's blog about "keeping it real". It usually stems from a comment received from a reader who voices frustration or a feeling of inadequacy because sometimes it appears that the blogger's life is too perfect. Most of us, as bloggers, choose to photograph and write about the positive and beautiful in our lives because that's what fuels our souls. We look for the beauty around us, zero in on it, and strive to share it with others. If something makes us smile or feel inspired, than maybe it just might do the same for you. Let's keep it real here. If you see a photo of my freshly weeded, watered, and deadheaded garden, chances are my floors are covered with dustbunnies. Or if I show you the latest quilt I've just finished, you can be sure that there are piles of laundry and ironing just waiting to be done. It's all about trying to find that balance, something that I will always struggle with. So, while I'll never focus on photographing what didn't get done (too much negative for me) I've decided to add little tiny glimpses of life's imperfections every now and then. How about we start with my potholders: I'm not sure how long I've had these, but I probably got them to match the color of the carpet in my old house (yes, I actually chose that color carpet but it was 1990 so I forgive myself). Every time I use these a little voice in my head says "you really need to make yourself some new potholders, something cheerful, something fun". This dialogue has been taking place for years. So guess what? I'm making myself some fun new potholders. I've had this waffle weave Japanese fabric in my stash for a while and it definitely makes me smile.
For the middle layer, I'm using this new to me product and one layer of cotton batting.
I'm excited to retire my old worn-out potholders and to replace that negative dialogue with a new, much more positive one. The breakfast dishes can wait :)


  1. I just love how me -as a reader in a completely different place in this planet- can see my life reflected! I've worked at a preschool for almost 10 years and this year things have been way too calm and easy, so I'm bored, and reading your blog and other's really makes my day, and I get home eager to sew!! Mariana

  2. Oh, I'm so glad! I, too, am very inspired by reading people's blogs. Happy sewing!

  3. You're right Laura... a wonderful improvement. they are just lovely. very cute japanese fabric! Enjoy cooking this weekend!!


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