May 15, 2009


Our dwarf lilac bush is in full bloom right now and it smells heavenly. It lives by the front walkway and we enjoy the beautiful fragrance whenever we come and go. I cut some to put on the table for a little gathering with friends last night and the whole room smelled wonderful! One of my friends said to smash the bottom of the stems with a hammer before placing them in the vase (to allow the water to soak up). I didn't know that tip, did you? It's great fun to walk around the yard and snip a few things to bring into the house. Our Rhododenron suffered a little wind burn this year, but still produced some gorgeous blooms. This one was perfect for the little glass vase that I keep in the basement powder room. Mmmmmmm, can you almost smell it?

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  1. Mmmm.... LOVE lilacs. We used to have oodles of them in Canada but here in NC it must be too warm or not cold enough in the winter 'cause we just don't have any. Guess we'll have to make do with the magnolias!


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