April 9, 2009

Spiffing Up

Our house sits on a hill overlooking the valley. During the summer months we have a nice little breeze that's just enough to take the edge off of the heat and humidity. During the winter months, however, that little breeze turns wicked. There have been nights when we seek an interior room in the house to escape the noise while sleeping. The fact that our house is still standing is quite a testament to the builder. Come April, we are anxiously awaiting the return of the nice little breeze. Today the wind is barely detectable, and the temperature is 51 degrees. A perfect morning to spiff up the front porch.
The windows have been washed, the cushions are ready and waiting for someone to take a seat, and a few pansies are adding a little early sunshine.
There's lots more outside work to come, but today I'm feeling happy that one little corner of my home reflects the freshness and crispness that is SPRING!!