March 11, 2009

Girl's Night

On Tuesday evenings, a group of ladies from my neighborhood gather to talk about health, weight management, and just life in general. Sometimes we try new recipes or share dishes that we've made and enjoyed. Last night we met at my house and I finished up these raw food recipes to test out on my friends. This Cheddar Cheeze Spread is from Carmella at The Sunny Raw Kitchen. The base is soaked cashews and the color comes from an orange bell pepper. Carmella uses this recipe as a substitute for cheddar cheese. If you are open minded and want to try something very different, you may enjoy it. My friends and I didn't think it tasted like cheddar cheese, but we liked it.
I also made this Blueberry Sorbet from Adventures of a Raw Goddess Heathy. It's made with agave nectar instead of refined sugar and almond mylk instead of dairy. We never got to the sorbet because we also had these, but hubby and I tasted it later in the evening and thought it was nice. It has a very noticeable vanilla flavor so I may decrease the measurement a tad next time. A couple of us have purchased this book by Linda Page and think it is a fantastic resource for healthy living. I have quite a collection of health-related books, but this one is by far my favorite. Maybe you'd enjoy it too.