February 24, 2009

Dreaming of Spring

There's a beautiful nursery right around the corner from us that is owned by a local family. They bought the property years ago and little by little have turned it into a gardener's paradise. In the spring and summer they offer tea parties in the garden as well as workshops and tours. It was definitiely an inspiration to us when we decided to put in a garden of our own.
Our garden was brand new last year and before we even planted the first seed this is what we grew:
It was a pretty smart nesting place I must say :: completely surrounded by a fence that only the smallest of creatures could fit through. We ended up sharing our garden with those little bunnies and it worked out just fine for all involved. We would see the occassional evidence of munching or spot something scurrying out of the basil as we passed by, but all in all there was no harm done.

It's time to start thinking about what we'll grow this year. Definitely lots of herbs and cutting flowers and probably a plot or two of veggies that we can bring into the kitchen for dinner. The seed catalogs have arrived and the garden planning books have been dusted off. We have until May before we can safely plant, but isn't it fun to dream?