January 7, 2009

Inspiration in the Studio

The main reason for starting this blog was to hopefully share a tiny bit of inspiration with others since I've been the recipient from so many talented people out there. What I didn't know was how much inspiration I would get just from posting on this blog. I am beginning to see my surroundings in a different way, seeing the beauty in things that I wouldn't necessarily have noticed before and capturing things that I wouldn't have thought to photograph. I'm excited about the possibilities and looking forward to continuing this new adventure.
There are lots of things going on in my sewing room right now. Ideas are swirling around in my head about what to do with this gorgeous stack of wool that I've been collecting through yard sales and thrift shops.
I've got a little something started and I'll keep you posted as it progresses.
Here's a photo of my scrap cart. It's from the Container Store.
My scraps are in different stages, some just shoved in a drawer and some pre-cut into little squares or strips for future projects.
I am always super inspired by the blog Melly & Me. They have such fresh and original ideas. I decided to use some of my tiny scraps to make some log cabin squares that they featured as a tutorial on their blog. Here's how mine turned out.
I did the one on the left using their foundation pieceing method (which was great)
and the one on the right using the traditional piecing method.
The back side of each are shown above. Both were fun and easy to do. I think the foundation piecing method takes a little more time but is very precise, where the traditional method is a little quicker and maybe not quite as precise. I liked them both and will definitely make more of these in 2009.