December 18, 2008

Mom's Quilt

Way back in August, I was the very lucky recipient of two boxes of old fabric. The fabric was given to me by a woman my age named Betsy, whom I had never met. The boxes contained fabric that her mother had been collecting with the intention of learning how to quilt. When her mom passed away fifteen years ago, she inherited the fabric and had been storing it ever since. Now, when I hear that someone wants to give away old fabric I begin to get heart palpatations. Long story short, I became the new owner. As I sat on my sewing room floor looking at each and every little piece, I could hardly wait to design a surprise quilt for Betsy using her mom's collection. This quilt was a joy to make from beginning to end and it is called "Mom's Quilt".

The back of the quilt has a variety of small pieces, one of which Betsy remembers from a bicentennial dress that her mom made for her in 1976.