December 16, 2008

Let's Give This a Whirl

I grew up in a household that could easily be compared to the Cleavers. My dad was the authoritarian and worked endlessly to provide for our family. My mom ran the household like a well-oiled machine and at the same time created a warm and loving environment. My childhood memories are filled with home-cooked meals, lots of baked goods, a sewing machine that rarely rested, and a home that felt comfortable and welcoming. To this day, my mom and I share a love of all things creative. We can't wait to talk about our newest fabric acquistion, thrift find, quilting project, cooking adventure or decorating ideas. It was my mom who introduced me to the blogging world about two years ago, and what a fun two years it has been. I've learned so much and am now inspired to share a small part of my life with others. My intention is to share the new recipes I try, bits and pieces of my home, what's happening in my sewing room, fabulous thrift store finds, and things I learn about simplifying and incorporating natural products into our daily living. Oh, and I have a couple of helpers so let me introduce you to.........
and Molly.