June 4, 2012

Line Dried

It's becoming routine now.  One load per day, hung before the sun rises above the mountain.  The air is crisp and the birds are singing.  It feels so good in a way I never imagined.

This handmade vintage clothespin bag's been tucked away for several years.  It was a yard sale treasure I couldn't resist, even though we didn't own a clothesline.

It took a bit of research to determine which model would best suit our needs.  This  is an umbrella style with a retractable cover.  So far so good.  Wonderful really.

My childhood memories of a clothesline are few.  I remember helping, at my mom's urging, when the threat of rain was near.  We talked over the phone this morning, chuckling about an email that's been circulating.  It seems that neighbors can learn a lot about each other, just by noticing what's on the line.  And rules...there are rules that must be followed if you're going to do this right :: hang socks by the toes and pants by the bottom, unmentionables in the center so they're hidden from view (hmm....I seem to have known this instinctively), wash the line before hanging clean clothes and NEVER leave those pins out when you're done!