May 2, 2012

Fundamental Fifty :: Part Two

I'm one month in now, wearing different combinations from my Fundamental Fifty wardrobe.  The weather fluctuates so much here during April, May, and June so choosing the right pieces took quite a lot of thought.  At times, during the planning stages, my brain hurt from trying so hard to figure it all out. Perseverance paid off.

Some interesting things have happened during this first month.  I know exactly what pieces are in my wardrobe and I'm very aware of where they are in the laundry cycle.  Most items are now hung to dry :: the dryer's hard on clothing and it's a bit risky to chance damaging an integral part of the mix.  The perpetual ironing pile is no longer nagging me.  Once dry, my clothing is pressed (if needed) and put back in place.  It's all much more manageable now.

I'm having fun being creative, layering things I may never have thought to layer before.  Scarves add pizazz to an otherwise neutral outfit and using them as belts is my new favorite thing to do.  Today was a little warmer than usual so I rolled up my black skinny jeans to Capri length, threw on a plain gray 3/4 sleeve tee and kicked it up a notch with a bright yellow braided belt.  Super simple.  I really don't have to think much anymore ::  most everything in my closet coordinates in one way or another.

One evening last week I put together eleven different looks that were possible using the one and only dress in my collection.  I stopped at eleven because it was late, I was tired, and I recognize the fact that I'm slightly addicted to Stylebook and need to set some boundaries.  Anyway, It's a black knit dress from Gap Outlet and I'm quite certain it will pay for itself in no time at all.

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