April 5, 2012

Fresh :: Local :: Real

Through rose-colored glasses I see barns and animals on our property.  We grow our own food, and can it for winter.  Clothes are drying on the line, and I'm knitting wool sweaters to keep us warm.

Hubby gets up at the crack of dawn and instead of getting in the car and driving sixty miles to work, we tend the farm together.  

Without the rose-colored glasses I see a home and surroundings that I dearly love.  There are no fresh eggs, and the animals reside indoors.  Hubby's at work during the day, but there's always a big warm hug waiting for him when he returns.  Our life will never resemble that of homesteaders, but I see it becoming a little bit simpler each and every day - even without the tinted lens.

These photos were taken at a nearby farm.  A young couple has rented twenty-five acres and are offering CSA shares of veggies and meat.  Although we'll be doing some gardening of our own, we signed up to receive a bagful of fresh produce each week from June through October.  

While visiting, we purchased farm-fresh eggs compliments of the ladies above.  Some will be shared, some will be turned into meals, and some will be hard-boiled and decorated for Easter. And if I still had little ones at home, I'd definitely be purchasing the molds to make these.