December 10, 2010

It Feels Like Christmas

I've been a little behind this season.  My tree's not up yet.  The pumpkin's still on the front porch.  Holiday music's waiting to be played.  But today, it feels like Christmas.

One of my very favorite things to do is put together a gift for someone I've never met.  Every year represents a new opportunity, each one just as special as the next.  This year our quilt guild made crayon totes.  I didn't use a pattern, just suggestions from other members and a little bit of improvising.  

Filling the totes was just as fun as sewing them.  I decided to make mine boy friendly and spent some time reminiscing as each item was carefully selected. A couple of Matchbox cars, some Pez dispensers, brand new crayons (of course) and a nice thick coloring book.  

These little Berenstain Bears' books were a must too.  Oh my, we spent many hours reading them to our son.  

As each crayon was placed in it's own special pocket, the totes just seemed to come alive. I'm overflowing with excitement, thinking about two little boys out there somewhere dragging these around and busying their tiny hands.

It doesn't seem important now, when the tree goes up or whether or not the pumpkin becomes part of this holiday season.  I'm fulfilled and Christmas is in my heart.

 *You can find a free tutorial for a similar tote here.


  1. So cute! They will make some little ones very happy. What is it about crayons? They always make me smile!

  2. I love this idea. I must make one for my granddaughter.


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