September 13, 2010

Garden Happenings

Cleanup in the garden has begun.  It seems as though my tried-and-true summer flowers struggled a bit in this long hot summer.  They faded away a little earlier than usual.  I can't blame them :: the heat makes me wilt too.

I decided to take advantage of the cool early mornings we've had lately.  A couple of hours each day and the cleanup is coming right along.  

There's still plenty growing in the garden.  The herbs are going strong and we're starting to see new strawberries popping up here and there.

There are a few empty patches of dirt now just waiting to be filled with cool weather plants.

I'm quite certain lettuce and spinach will be the first to go in the ground.

We learned a few new things this year.  The most important lesson was that cucumbers need plenty of room to spread.

We'll be filling this little shed with empty flower pots in the next month or so.  It's not quite time yet.  Daily watering has kept the container plants looking pretty presentable.

We so enjoy our time in the garden.  In fact, we've already started dreaming about next year.  Are you dreaming of next year's garden too?