June 9, 2010

A Growing Collection and Change

Thrift shopping is a gift I give to myself. When I want to clear my mind of responsibilities and fill it with creativity, I hop in the car and head to a favorite nearby town. I have a little routine, stopping at each of my four favorite shops and looking mostly for linens and dishware. The last outing was pretty exciting. A "new" vintage sheet and two pillowcases were added to my growing linen collection. Vintage sheets are fairly easy to find in my area and I've got a closet full to prove it. Every so often I open the doors, stand in front of the stacks of colorful floral goodness, and dream of what I'll make with them. The thought of pulling out the scissors is frightening. It's the same feeling I get when using up the last little piece of my favorite fabric. What if I use it all and can never find it again? Well, change is good so I'm beginning to use my stash of vintage linens. I'm working on a simple little baby quilt and it's bringing me lots of joy. I'll show you when it's finished. These three pieces are just a few of the many mystery items I found in a large plastic bag at the Salvation Army. It's a guessing game there. The bag was sealed with clear packing tape so I didn't really know exactly what I'd find inside. For $1.50 I took a chance and was happily surprised. In addition to these beauties there was a partially embroidered heavy linen tablecloth and more than a dozen pre-marked embroidery projects in different stages of completion. I'm planning to finish each and every one. For me, thrifting sparks creativity and creativity fuels my soul.
Do you like to thrift and does it spark your creativity?
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  1. Those are truly lovely finds!

  2. Wow, I would love to find linens like that. I have never been into a salvation army, but we have a goodwill. The only thing I seen in ours the couple of times I looked was junk. I want your stores!


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