March 2, 2010

Let's Talk Paint

Do you do your own or hire out? If you do your own, do you enjoy it? Do you do it once and call it done forever, or is it a never-ending process of keeping things fresh and new? I do my own. I don't enjoy it, but I ADORE the end result. I've been known to freshen up a room (or two) with new color quite frequently. And, I've even painted an entire room in the dark (it's not normal, I know). The builder of our current home didn't do color, but allowed us to paint our hearts out before settlement. I chose to paint the majority of the main level in a warm golden color that works nicely as a neutral while still having a bit of pizazz. The rest of the rooms are done in shades of brown or green. To keep things interesting in a sea of neutral tones, I had a little fun with the ceilings (much to hubby's initial dismay).
Some rooms have traditional bead board ceilings painted a soft warm white to match the trim, and some are much more playful and bold. It's been four years and I haven't tired of the bold colors yet. They're like a little ray of sunshine that peeks out from behind the clouds. Just enough to make me smile without overpowering. I think most people either love painted ceilings or really dislike them. How do you feel? You won't hurt my feelings :: promise. I'm interested to know.