February 3, 2010

Anniversary Postponed

We had big plans last Saturday evening but the weather had plans of it's own. No problem, we rescheduled our very romantic anniversary dinner out for this coming Saturday evening. The most current forecast for this Saturday evening is now calling for twelve to twenty inches of snow. No problem, we're flexible....that's how we've managed to stay happily married for the last twenty years.
Before the snow accumulated too much, we had fun browsing through a charming little antique shop in our area. Hubby's not a real fan of old things (except for me, of course) but he's always willing to mill around and he finds things to be interested in while we're there. I snapped some photos of a few of my favorite booths. Would you like to see?
Linens, quilts and dishes are what I'm most drawn to.
Oh, and vintage hats and clothing too.
I started thinking about my wedding dress. I haven't seen it for twenty years. It's preserved in a box so that it stays in pristine condition. It's not bringing me joy or making me smile while it's in that box. I'm going to open that box up and enjoy my wedding gown.
I think I might even do that today.

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  1. What a beautiful wedding shot. We have something similar to that. Too bad you had to postpone, But the day you celebrate your vows, isnt that important. Its the fact that you still celebrate!
    Happy Anniversary


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