November 25, 2009

If I Didn't Know Better.....

I'd certainly think that it's Christmas. Take a peek inside of my mailbox. Ooooooh....a Priority Mail Envelope that's stuffed full. It doesn't get much better than that, especially when you know it's been sent by a new friend you've just recently met. I joined a button swap last month and was paired with Mindy. The idea was for fellow button lovers to send between 15 and 20 buttons from your collection to your partner and in turn your partner would do the same. I must say that Mindy spoiled me rotten!
In addition to the gorgeous buttons, she tucked all sorts of goodies into that Priority Mail Envelope :: a beeswax aromatherapy candle, her favorite chocolate covered caramels, and a very special necklace that I'm quite certain she made. Did you make that Mindy??
Did you notice the little glimpse of patchwork above? Well, it's part of a vintage quilt that Mindy made into a zipper pouch to hold all of the buttons. It's lined inside and is just beautiful. It has that well-loved feel that makes old quilts so charming.
Here's a closer look at the necklace. Just beautiful.
I am so grateful to Mindy for the time and thought that went into putting this package together. It's absolutely perfect. I'm going to wait for hubby to get home from work before I break into the chocolates, but you should know that it's not going to be easy for me. Thank you Mindy, what a happy mail day it's been!!
And thank you to Hannah from A Handmade Childhood for organizing this button swap. It was great fun.


  1. So glad the button swap was so wonderful for you!!

  2. it was a lovely swap!! Did you two enjoy the caramels? too salty for some folks but i love em! xo

  3. LOVED the caramels - not too salty for us!! And the tea was very nice too. An extra special treat indeed :)


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