November 28, 2009

Cactus of the Christmas Kind

I have mixed emotions about the Christmas season.
I love soft white lights that sparkle in the darkness, gathering around the fireplace with a warm drink in hand, music and scents that are specific to the season, and feeling the sense of joy and sharing that's in the air.
I don't love the hectic pace, shopping in crowded malls, and commercialized decorations. Oh, and I don't like Christmas red.
So, when buying my first ever Christmas cactus this year I chose one salmon and one white. My goal is to keep them alive until December 25th and use them as a centerpiece for the table. The white cactus hasn't bloomed just yet but, as you can see, the salmon one is going to town.
I'm headed out in the morning for an overnight girlfriend getaway, but I'll be back early next week with photos to share.