July 1, 2009

Thrifting Hodge Podge

For me, thrifting is a two part process. Generally, if an item makes my eyes light up and my heart palpatate than it was meant to come home with me. I don't always know exactly where each piece will go :: sometimes they just get tucked away for safe keeping. That's what happened to these.
This morning I wanted to show you some drinking glasses I found at the Goodwill. When I opened the cabinet door, I noticed all of these other treasures just waiting to be loved. With the exception of the silver tray, each item was found at a thrift shop on a different occasion. I love how they all work together so beautifully. A happy accident for sure. My mom gave me the silver tray - isn't she the best? And the strawberries? This morning's harvest from my brand new strawberry patch.
Hmmmm...........I wonder if I could squeeze in some thrifting time today. :)

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  1. It was just serendipity that I happened onto your blog. It was like browsing through the pages of a delightful magazine. What a treat!


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