April 17, 2009

Thrift Love

It's been a while since I've been thrifting. A last minute decision yesterday morning to hop in the car and head out to the shops turned out to be great fun! The brown and white polka dot sheet will turn into another pair of pajama pants, and the floral pillowcase will be added to my growing stash. But the best part.......................................
Aprons!! Lots of aprons!! Each one is special in it's own way.
This purple one had a large pocket on the front trimmed in a very wide lace. I removed the pocket and like it so much better now. It just needed a little sprucing up, that's all.
Everything about this apron is perfect. The colors are still very crisp and the workmanship is beautiful.
I adore the style of this one, with the scalloped waistband and bottom. There are no gathers around the waist (which is perfect for those of us who might just happen to be in our forties) and the body is constructed with three separate panels.
This smock apron was definitely made from a sheet. It's reversible and has rick rack around all of the edges. A little on the mod side, but I love it!
And last but certainly not least:
A gorgeous child's smock. It even still has the little safety pin that was used to secure the neck. So sweet.
Which one is your favorite?
It's fifty-four degrees here this morning and the sun is shining brightly. It's going to be a gorgeous day. Wishing you a beautiful Friday too.


  1. I absolutely adore the black one!! How I could've used that today while making another loaf of no-knead bread. I love your sheet find, too! I can't wait to go thrifting for pillowcases, as I saw a seemingly easy pattern for pillowcase dresses for Amelia... Keep your eye out for me!! :)

  2. Love the black and white apron, makes me want to fit some thrifting into today's busy schedule!


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