April 14, 2009

Project Number Three

My Favorite Yet!
This project was inspired by the Patchwork-Trimmed Baby Blanket in Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing. The body is two pieces of thrifted wool that were felted by washing in hot water and drying on high several times. My blanket is a lap size :: about 45" x 58". The binding is constructed a little differently than I've done in the past so it was a great way to learn something new.
I found that by basting the binding before doing the final topstitching, the look was much nicer and the stitching on the back was sure to be covered. It was an extra step or two to baste and then remove the basting, but well worth the effort.
Instead of leaving the zig-zagged seam exposed (where the two pieces of wool come together) I decided to sew a patchwork piece on top. It allowed me to really feature the fabrics that were used in the binding.
This was a super fun project and a great way to use up scraps. Ideas are definitely swirling for more versions of this one!


  1. I think you did an amazing job. Your fabric choices complement each other very well!

  2. Hi :) New to your blog through a Weekend Sewing Flickr search. I love your blanket! So perfect. I am so inspired by the projects in WS but hesitant to get a copy since I am a very beginner sewer and I've heard there's a lot of errata.

    You have a wonderful blog! Thanks so much.


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