April 22, 2009

Garment Trial and Error

Sewing garments. Ugghhh. Definitely outside of my comfort zone but so very appealing to me. I haven't sewn clothing for myself since I was in Fashion Merchandising class in twelfth grade (with the exception of pregnancy jumpers). Mrs. Galindo taught the class :: a tall beautiful woman with a gentle and kind spirit. She took us on a field trip to New York where we toured the fashion district and then had some shopping time along Fifth Avenue. My friends and I tried on gowns in one of the department stores. Great fun!
This top was my first re-introduction to garment sewing. The fabric is part of Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy Line that's been out for quite some time. Isn't it fun and cheerful? I'm still trying to figure out the whole pattern sizing thing. This top is a size 12, which should fit according to the measurements on the back of the pattern. It's a little bit snug in the bust :: enough that it's just a tad uncomfortable. Maybe it's something that a few more shed pounds will fix - I'm working on that :)
Here's a view of the back:
I might try making this one again. It's Simplicity 4176.

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  1. Hey - great job. I love the colour combo. And really, it looks lovely on you.
    P.S. A little trick i've used when something is just a tad snug - make the seams 1/4" instead of 5/8". Often makes just enough difference between snug and comfy.


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