March 29, 2009

Yeast Matters

Hubby named this post and I think it's quite appropriate. After the dough rested on the counter for over 18 hours, it still wasn't very bubbly on top. This could be due to two reasons:
1) The yeast expired in October and had not been refrigerated (I'm definitely not Julia Child)
2) Our house temperature is kept at 64 degrees and the recipe called for a 70 degree location in which to rise.
I decided to move forward with it and just see what happened.
It never doubled in size, but I cooked it anyway. Here's the finished product. Maybe we could just call it Rosemary Lemon Flatbread. The inside was nice and tasty, but the outside was quite hard and it was very, very flat. Do you think it's worth trying again? Given that it's a 24 hour or so process and kind of messy I'm not so sure. I'm smitten with our mini breadmaker. Nice and compact and the process is neat and tidy. I will, however, most definitely invest in a new jar of yeast.