February 15, 2009

And The Winners Are.............

Hubby did the honors this morning, picking three winners for the February Love Giveaway (from one of my newly thrifted West Bend canisters :: more on that later). You can be sure he doesn't play favorites and he didn't peek!
:: First Winner ::

Sally wrote the cutest email saying..........

"I would feel like royalty if I were a winner and received the purple bag! In pretending to be "royal" I would carry grandmotherly things to my kids homes for my little people. I am always armed with play dough,reading books and crayons. Tiny boxes of raisons and mini pretzels are also a hit. The role of grandmother does put me on top of the world (does that constitute royalty?). My second choice would be the orange zany print which matches my personality and would look especially appropriate when shopping at my local farmers market. The brown looks totally sophisticated which I guess I could pull off for a day or I could look at it as earthy and take it along to my garden shop! Any one of the three would eliminate one dastardly plastic bag that find their way into our environment using resources that don't need to be spent leaving birds and wildlife & all a threat.. that could so easily be remedied."
Congratulations Sally!
:: Second Winner ::

Dawn also sent an email with a cute little flair.......

"Well I have given alot of thought as to which bag that I like the best! ...... The number one spot has to go to the Bountiful Brown Bag, followed by Purple Passion, and last but certainly not least, Orange-You Adorable! " Congratulations Dawn!
And last but not least:
:: Third Winner ::

Annasoc1 left a lovely comment on the giveaway post saying......

"This is a great giveaway and so good for the environment......"

Congratulations Anna!

Thank you to everyone who visited. It brings me great joy to share with you.