January 15, 2009

What Would You Call It?

Attraction :: Obsession :: Fascination :: Compulsion
Infatuation :: Addiction
Call it what you want. I love vintage pillowcases. And...........I collect them. Lots of them. Take a look at these lovelies. Don't you think they have a happy little quality about them? They speak to me.
I dream about what they might become someday. Maybe one or two will end up as summer pillows tossed on the front porch chairs. Or maybe one special one will be paired with another piece of beautiful fabric and turned into a cheerful little apron. Some might be "meant to be" as a vintage-style quilt. And maybe, just maybe, some will cover the pillows on the bed exactly as they were intended to do. This floral fabric started out as a vintage pillowcase and ended up as part of a patchwork quilt: Oh, how I do love vintage pillowcases. And by the way, I love other types of vintage linens too........but I'll save that topic for another day.

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  1. Well of course you love them! Those are gorgeous! I've got a couple of vintage sheets, still not sure what to do with them. But just 'having' them makes me feel smiley. :)


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