January 17, 2009


Our Nana turned ninety-two yesterday. Isn't she beautifully stylish in that photo? And she still is today. Nana is an incredibly talented lady. Although she would never admit to it, she is a talented artist, an amazing seamstress, and a wonderful cook. Those hobbies are difficult for her today, but she still enjoys knitting and crocheting and can crank out projects like none other. Here's a fun little story about a special gift from Nana. A couple of weeks before Christmas about forty years ago my sister and I were devastated because we couldn't find our favorite baby dolls anywhere. While we were frantically trying to find them, Nana was frantically designing, fitting, and sewing an entire wardrobe for each doll. On Christmas morning, under the tree, this is what we found.

And here is my doll today, modeling one of the beautiful outfits for you. She may have aged a little, and she might be having a bad hair day, but she still fits into each and every piece of clothing just as she did forty years ago. You go girl!

You can see the rest of her wardrobe here.

And the quilt? It was made using the free "Belle" pattern from Amy Butler and this gorgeous line of fabric from Heather Bailey.