December 29, 2008

A Peek at Our Holiday

Christmas Eve dinner was held at Mom and Dad's house this year, and as always, Mom did a beautiful job making it special. She managed to arrange seating for all twenty-one family members in her dining room and even used the fancy dishes.
We had an assortment of buffet dishes that were delicious!
Mom makes the absolute best fruit salad ever..............
and our traditional Sweet Potato Casserole is always a favorite.
From there we went to my lifelong friend Dana's house and enjoyed yet another meal and lots of good company.
On Christmas morning, I found twelve of these (one for each of the twelve days of Christmas) hanging on our Christmas tree. Hubby and I weren't supposed to be exchanging gifts, but I'm so glad we (I mean he) did. A very clever presentation. I hope your holiday was warm, happy, and spent with those you love.