August 15, 2009

Window Candles

One of my new blog friends sent an email inquiring about the window candle in my header photo. I thought I'd share with all of you in case you love window candles as much as we do. When hubby and I lived in our previous home, we made a mental list of all of the things we'd like to do if we ever had the chance to build a custom home. One of the things at the top of our list was to put outlets under every window. This would eliminate the string of extension cords we rigged at Christmas time to support the window candles. Fast forward fifteen years or so, while designing the details for our current home, hubby spotted a brochure in a model home we were browsing through. We thought we had died and gone to heaven. Not only did this company sell window candles, but they sold low voltage window candle systems that could be hardwired, completely eliminating the need for an outlet. We put them in all of our windows.
The wiring is beneath the little white contact piece that you see on the sill. The candle simply slips onto that piece, making contact with the wires. The base of the candle then slips over the top and is really for decoration only. The candle sleeves come in many different color choices as do the bases. A pretty ingenious idea I must say. I'm just sorry I didn't think of it myself. Oh, and the dirt on the window? That falls under the "keeping it real" category. :)

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I never knew such a thing existed.

    I'd love to put a candle in my kitchen window in the winter months. It's the only window besides the bathroom windows that are out of kitty reach. I tried the corded candles one Christmas until I caught one of the cats trying to bite the bulb.


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